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The Teamwork of Experts

Hartmann Schulz Partners, Chartered Surveyors, is a co-operation of publicly appointed and sworn-in experts in Construction, Real Estate, and Industry. The key concept behind Hartmann Schulz Partners is to reconcile the opposition between specialists and generalists: Clients profit from a bundling of competencies in multi-disciplinary teams, while they may also draw on the professional expertise of the individual specialist.


The core competencies of the Hartmann Schulz Partners Expert Survey Office are the performance of Due Diligence and the preparation of appraisal reports. Other areas of special qualification of our team members include counseling and evaluation with regard to properties, project development, profitability assessment, preservation of evidence, quality control during all stages of construction and development, and mediation.


From our base in Wuerzburg and our branch office in Frankfurt/Main, we are partnering projects all across Germany.



  • Buildings: Identification of defects and structural damage. Preparation of rehabilitation plans


  • Evaluation of properties: Verification of purchase prices, market value assessment, mortgage lending value and market analysis
  • Rents and Leases: Determination of rental revenue, local comparative rates, assessment of rent increases for properties, developments, and structures
  • Return analysis on real estate investments
  • Determination of value reduction due to defects and damage


  • Prior to purchasing a property
  • During all stages of construction